I Wrote That Song…

So once again I’ve been slacking on my blogger duties – but I promise I have a really good (non-wedding) reason!

Before we get to that though, and update on the Monsters!

I have an IEP meeting scheduled for Kaleb next Thursday.  It’s time to try, once again, to get the dreaded harness removed.  I think he’s ready.  The bus driver thinks he’s ready.  The teacher thinks he’s ready.  Heck, Kaleb has been saying he’s ready for months.  He’s been earning points every day since October for wearing the thing without complaint – to show to the school and the transportation department that he’s ready.  Unfortunately, it’s like Kaleb has some sort of Spidey-Sense and every time something big is coming up he basically starts to sabotage himself without even realizing it.  Twice in the last week I had to pick him up from school.  Both times because he didn’t want to ride the bus.  Both times because he didn’t want to wear the harness.  Both times ended up in a meltdown and a parent pick-up.

Well, doesn’t that just look great.  Now his teacher and I are both concerned – if this shows up as a problem in the meeting, they aren’t going to get rid of the harness.  And if they don’t get rid of it now, odds are he will be wearing it until at least next October.  They won’t hold another meeting until school is letting out (to discuss next year’s classroom situation), and they most likely won’t agree to get rid of it next year without a few months of “show us he doesn’t need it” proof – again.

So, his teacher and I have both explained as many times in as many ways as we can – it’s vital for him to ride that bus twice a day every day without complaint if he wants the stupid thing gone.  He did it yesterday (though he was more excited because that earned him enough points to get out of the negative he buried himself in the day before), so fingers crossed he can go 6 more days.  Hopefully by day 7 it will be a thing of the past.

He’s had a rough few days.  We don’t really know what the issue is – maybe he’s just not sleeping well (he was sleepwalking Sunday night), who knows.  It could just be one of those things.  He had a massive growth spurt two weeks ago – I mean, HUGE.  The kid grew about three inches in a matter of days.  One day his jeans fit him just fine, the next day they’re three inches above his ankles and I’m having to go buy new clothes.  Of course, as tall as he is, he’s absurdly skinny.  It’s absurd because the kid is a walking garbage pail.  He consumes more milk on a given day than anyone I’ve ever met.  He would literally eat and eat and eat all day long if we let him – except for dinner.  For some ridiculous reason I can’t understand, nine times out of ten both of my kids will refuse to eat dinner – regardless of what it is.  It could be their favorite food on the planet, and nope.  They don’t want it.  I could give them the same food for breakfast or lunch and they’d eat without complaint.  So we had to cut out the late afternoon snacks, and nobody gets milk within an hour of dinner time.  Still, nothing.  Other days they’ll eat like they’re starving and ask for seconds.  I don’t get it.

The talking stick is brilliant.  And wonderful.  And annoying as hell.  It actually works – Kaleb will actually sit at the dinner table and wait quietly for his turn to talk.  Although, his version of sitting quietly is actually waving the stick in the air in a bid to get in the next word – effectively irritating the person who is talking, but he does keep his lips together.  We’ve actually had a few almost peaceful dinners!  No meltdowns, nobody crawling under the table, nobody shrieking or crying, nobody throwing food or plates, it’s been awesome.  Except for the fact that Kaleb doesn’t get the full concept yet – he understands he can’t talk unless he’s holding the stick, but he doesn’t quite grasp that other people will hold the stick and talk as well, and his job then is to listen.  The “be a good listener” cards I made him were basically a waste of my time and index cards.  So, we’ll keep on trying.

Mason.  Cars.

I’m not sure what else there is to say.  He lines them up in every corner, every wall, every doorway in the house.  They don’t work just right.  He screams, he cries, he throws them, he goes into a full on meltdown for ten minutes.  He goes back, he tries again.  They don’t line up just right.  He screams, he cries, he throws them, he goes into a full on meltdown for ten minutes.  Rinse and Repeat.  I swear I’m going to take a video of this the next time it happens.  He continuously shoves a taxi underneath the pocket door, which we then cannot get out, nor can we open or close the door.  Daddy believes this to be something he’s doing on purpose to keep us from closing the door at night, and I’m beginning to think he might be right.

Otherwise, things are the same with him.  He loves the new Nick Jr show Wallykazam!, it’s bordering on obsession.  Every single time Bobgoblin comes on the kid laughs like it’s the funniest thing he’s ever seen.  Seriously.  I’m surprised he hasn’t pulled a stomach muscle laughing that hard.  Every day he comes home from school and the first words out of his mouth are “I get Wally.  I get Wallykam.  I get milk and cereal and Wally.”  I go through the whole “You need to ask for things” routine.  He rephrases – well, he sticks a “please” in at the end, and sometimes he throws a “May I” in for good measure.  Then he’ll tell me what episode, “Wally in the rain” – okay the picnic episode.  “Wally in the castle” – okay that ones easy.  “Wally and the B” – ummm oh, right, B for bath.  The bath episode.  It’s like a guessing game, and I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that understands the code.  It reminds me of Kaleb’s Dora days (which are thankfully long gone).  He will then run around the house screaming “Bobgoblin!”  in his most Bobgoblin-y voice, laughing and shrieking and laughing some more.  It’s actually a really cute show, and it’s definitely helping him with letter and word recognition.  Yesterday he told me “B is for Beautiful!”  which is on the show, so I said yes it is and moved on.  Five minutes later he said “B is for Beautiful Bus!”  Well.  That is not on the show!  He actually associated a letter with a word!  I was ecstatic.

from Nick Jr.

Now, for my news!

A few years ago (okay closer to ten, but who’s counting), I couldn’t sleep one night, and had this idea running around in my head that wouldn’t drop.  So I booted up my computer, typed up a few (or twenty) pages, and promptly went to bed.  I played with it on and off for a few more months then forgot about it.  Then my computer got struck by lightning (no, I’m not kidding.  I’ve fried at least three computers that way.  How was I supposed to know a power strip isn’t a surge protector?) a few years later.  Daddy, who even way back in the day was finding ways to ‘Desiree-proof’ electronics, pulled my hard drive and rescued all my junk.  When sorting through said junk, I found that file.  I opened it, read it, kicked myself for not finishing it, because it had been so long since I’d looked at it, I was really interested in knowing how it ended.

So, I played with it for a few more months, got bored, frustrated, busy, whatever.  I forgot about it again.  Fast forward three years.  I’m pregnant with Mason, out of jigsaw puzzles, total insomniac, and I’m bored out of my mind.  I open the file up again, kick myself again, and get to work.  I finished it about a month later, and was pretty pleased with myself.  I spent some time sending out queries and what-not, but that’s just simply an arduous process, and there’s only so much rejection a girl can take in such a short span of time.  So, I got on CreateSpace (through Amazon), made a (terrible) cover, had it proofed, and poof!  It’s up for sale!

Then I left the website and haven’t touched the thing since.

Enter Wedding-Mania.  I’m losing my mind.  I’m stressed, obsessed, and completely drowning in details.  I need a distraction.  I don’t want to play with the book I’ve got entered in the ABNA contest, because I know I’ll find something wrong with it and I will lament and beat myself up over it for weeks.  I’m looking for relief, not more stress.  So, I pull this old book up again.  I look at the cover art (and cringe), and then it hits me – the Kindle came out shortly after I put that up.  Whole different format, whole different platform, whole different reach.  So, after I spazzed out because I couldn’t find the file (thank God Daddy is a brilliant computer geek, cause I was seriously freaking out until he found it for me), I opened it up again.  I went through and reformatted it.  In the process, realized it should really be updated, so then I spent two weeks updating everything from dialog to technology.  I spent hours in my favorite photoshop wannabe making a less cringe-worthy cover.  And Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Ma’am – I’ve got a book for sale, both in paperback and on the Kindle!  I’m really excited about this.  It’s actually a pretty good book (if I do say so myself).  Once again, I’d been away from it for so long that when I went back and re-read it, it was like reading a new book.  So, I’m hoping I can get some people to at least check it out, throw out a couple reviews, and maybe, just maybe it’ll go somewhere!

In the meantime, I’ve got some other ideas floating around and I’m knee deep in research for them.  Oh, and the laundry has to get switched over, sheets have to be changed, the floors need vacuuming, and the matchbox cars need to be gathered again before they cause someone serious injury.  So, there’s my excuse.  I haven’t been writing here because I’ve been writing there.  And I’m pretty damn proud of it too.

On the off chance that anyone actually reads this anymore and wants to check it out, here’s the link: